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get a copy of my Free cookbook, including advice on what ingredients to keep on hand, and some of my favorite cooking methods.

You may ask what prompted me to write a cookbook.....

Probably I was influenced by Clint Eastwood's so-called Spaghetti Westerns in which he played a Man With No Name, and possibly by an old 60s song titled Horse With No Name -- both were wonderful, and I hope you will feel the same way about my food.

   Why "Food With No Name?"

I call it Food With No Name because much of it is made up of one-dish meals that are the result of putting together ingredients available at the moment from the pantry and fridge. People would ask me what it was they were eating, and since it had sprung into being spontaneously, I really had no answer. I suppose if I'd been from France instead of the USA, I'd have called it "Food du Jour."

Food With No Name on the TableI have loved to cook since I was allowed to do things in the kitchen at the age of 8 years. All these many years later, the time I spend in the kitchen is still some of my favorite time, and I hope you will be inspired by my book to create your own unique Food With No Name.

The cookbook is only available in e-book form (PDF), but of course you can print the recipes if you don't keep a laptop in your kitchen. I'd love to hear how these recipes turn out for you, so drop me a line and let me know. Don't be afraid! Most of them are really easy. You can download this cookbook for free. If you like my recipes and advice about cooking, please consider making a donation :-)

Elaine Murphy

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